Best singers of 80’

During the 1980s, your professionalism as a singer needed a wide range of qualities: ability and desire to listen and learn, work hard, be stationary: have a vision; others And dream big things. For this reason, we have a list of some of the best singers of the 1980s.

Mark Knopfler

For some reason, Mark Knopfler was not recognized for his ability to write songs. That is because he killed an electric guitar and is about 40 years old. Knopfler’s guitar fireworks have always obscured the fact that the songs were breaking hidden cinematographic masterpieces of the scene.

Mark Knopfler

The time his songs played on the radio, it made people stop what they were doing and pay close attention to the words. Knopfler was the master of perfect little details. That helped in bringing a narrative touch to rock and roll.

Michael Jackson

She is the most generous celebrity the world has ever seen, as well as the most humble. Michael Jackson was very good for this world. People were so jealous of his success and talent that he even lost his reputation and destroyed him.

Some said he harassed children when Michael Jackson would never do the things he loved. Years later, these children came out saying they were lying because their parents wanted money.

Neil Finn

Neil Finn is a fascinating subject, for the following reason: it may be better than our former composers, but it is less famous than either. The Finn has a perfect melodic gift, which places him in the same association as Paul McCartney or Elton John, along with a dark lyrical approach. This combination produces emotional and emotional songs that can make you sing while crying at the same time, an unusual circumstance.

Neil Finn

Pat Pinatar

Pat Benatar created a series of original conventional rock albums that successfully covered solid rock, new wave, and pop patterns. His influence on the future of rock produced by women is undeniable, but he has also managed to instill healthy femininity. She has also adapted as a translator and composer during this time. Pinatar proved to be a vibrant music market that explores the fighting, exhausting, and powerful elements of women at the end of the 20th century.

A great natural sound can be very touching. The best of the old times developed a precious inner life that gave them a unique world of feelings and ideas to connect with others — the best singers of the eighties.